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Hello Folks,

Hello folks. I have just finished sculpting an Edge Sculpture Hedgehog for Spring 2021. He are some pictures of the new 'Edgehog' in its clay form, albeit in very much a different season. The piece will also be in far more of a hollow form with the final production release.

all the very best,



Hello folks.

Here is the clay prototype I have almost completed for an Edge Sculpture Orangutan Head / Bust. This hopefully will be a 2021 release probably from around April.

With the sculpt I wanted to capture an expression of a very soulful and wisdomous 'old man of the woods'. Of course paint / colour will have a huge effect on how the final production piece will look. We will also be doing a YouTube presentation for the Orangutan at some point in the new year.

Scale-wise it goes with the large Gorilla and Chimpanzee busts.

My apologies for the armature protruding from the top hehehe

all the best,


Hello Folks .... even though I am almost finished on 2021 Edge Sculpture piece number two I had a chat with the little Frenchie and we both felt some minor tweaks were in order hehehe .
I also used the 'eiffel' setting on my Pixel 3 to create the right mood ....
all the best Matt


Hello Folks,

With all of the winter flurries of late I thought I would post an appropriate preview of a new colourway we have been thinking about for a while. 'Snowflake' was the world's only existing 'albino' or White Gorilla and my partner Becky thought he would make a smashing companion to our expanding Edge Sculpture 'Born to be Wild' series.

Peggy, as always, has done another marvelous job of bringing him to life with colour and is also incredibly busy working with me on the new additions we are looking at releasing hopefully around mid - March.
We are making this little chap available for our stockists to order very soon indeed from our Trade only website.

all the very best,